5 Tips For Selecting Your Casket

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your future funeral is the burial casket. In the event, your friends and family are left making this decision for you, they will want to consider how they can best honour your by choosing the right casket for the final resting place and show how much they care about and love you.

At Brampton Cremation & Visitation Centre, we offer high-quality, customizable burial caskets to fit your needs and budget. Let’s review some great tips that you or your loved ones can use when considering which casket would be the right choice for you.

Tip #1: What is the purpose of the casket?
This might seem like a funny question with an easy response: The purpose of the casket is your final resting place. However, caskets serve two general purposes depending on your final wishes. If you are going to be interned in a cemetery or other location, then you want to choose a casket that is for burial purposes. On the other hand, if you will be cremated, then you want to choose a casket for your viewing that honours your life and is also designed to be cremated. 

Tip #2: What size will you need?
Size matters when it comes to caskets. Caskets are based on your overall weight and height. Yet, if you plan on taking certain belongings with you, or having your loved ones place tokens of affection or remembrance items inside, then you may need a larger size.

Tip #3: What materials do you want?
Caskets are made from metals and woods. There are also bio-degradable eco-friendly caskets now available. Aside from the exterior materials, you also need to think about the interior materials for the lining. There is silk, cotton, satin, and other such materials to choose from. You can even choose various types of padding and ornamentation. 

Tip #4: How much will you need to budget?
If you are preplanning and prepaying your funeral expenses, you can often make monthly payments on your casket. This option is great when you want the best casket possible. We can provide you with a free detailed quote that is broken down so you can see all the costs. We will work with you to find the right casket that fits your needs and budget.

Tip #5: When will the casket be delivered?
Caskets often have to be ordered since they are typically customized to fit your final wishes. Normally, it takes a few days to get the casket delivered to our funeral home. We can also make arrangements with you to deliver the casket, with your loved one, when you are planning a remembrance ceremony at home or in a church or other religious centre. 

For further information on selecting your casket or our funeral planning services in Brampton, Ajax, and the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact Brampton Cremation & Visitation Centre at 905-458-2222 today!