Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan

Things don’t always happen the way we plan; nobody ever plans to die away from home. When death occurs away from home it isn’t just unexpected—it is a major source of stress, worry and expense for loved ones who want to make sure your body is returned quickly and safely. Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan handles every detail of the journey with efficiency and compassion – and without added cost to your survivors.

Nobody ever plans to die away from home

That’s why we offer a protection plan that is made for Canadians. Traveling for work, vacation, a special event, or just a visit is becoming more and more common in a world where even a far distance is only a plane ride away. Although none of us expect to die while we are away—it happens more often than we think. Getting your loved one home, no matter what the circumstances, is but one toll-free phone call for members of Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan. 

The membership plan brings your body home safely—without worry or expense. 45% of Deaths are Sudden and Unexpected. Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan is designed to do more than cover the expenses. Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan does all the work that would be left an unprepared grieving family. Enrolment at ANY age, for a ONE-time fee. With a single, one-time payment, your Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan lifetime membership covers you wherever you go. If death occurs beyond 100 km from your home, in another city, province or in another country; Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan will take care of everything. Global protection coverage with one phone call. One-time payment: $462. plus, tax

The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan brings your body home safely—without worry, expense or added stress to your survivors:

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