The cost of a funeral depends entirely on the wishes of the loved one and their family.  Those who want a basic cremation will pay something different then a person who wishes to have a traditional funeral with burial.  There are many items that can influence the cost of a funeral as well, such as your choice of casket, flowers, or stationary package, if you wish to have a reception following your funeral service, etc.  Our staff are happy to sit with you to discuss your funeral wish and make sure they are affordable and fit within your budget. 

No, you do not have to be embalmed if that is not what you want.  No funeral home can force a person to be embalmed if that is against their wishes.  When a family chooses to have an open casket for a visitation or service, embalming can often be a good idea to ensure your loved one looks as good as possible, however if the funeral service is happening quickly may not be needed.  Please speak to one of our funeral directors to decide if embalming is something you may wish to work into your funeral plans.

We understand that sometimes the death of a loved one is unexpected and there is not always money at hand to pay for a funeral, but a rule of thumb is that payment is expected sometime between the date the contract is signed and 15 days after the funeral service takes place.  If you want to ensure your family will not have to worry about how to pay for your funeral, we encourage to consider pre-planning your funeral.  More information on preplanning can be found HERE. For more information on cultural funerals, click HERE.

Just as every person in the world is unique, so should be every funeral.  Perhaps your mother was known for her samosa recipe.  We can print memorial cards to give our to her funeral attendees with the recipe on them so that everyone can continue to enjoy her signature dish.  Was your dad a sports fan?  We can have his sports memorabilia displayed during his visitation and service and suggest people attend his funeral wearing their favourite sports jerseys.  Our staff our happy to help you decide the best ways to personalize your loved one’s funeral so that it is a true reflection of they life they led. For more information on personalized funerals, click HERE.

Not every funeral has to be a full traditional service.  Consider having a smaller celebration of life after the cremation or burial of your loved one.  It allows family and friends to come together and remember the life of a person they cared deeply for, without the need for religion or traditional customs.  Celebrations of Life can happen weeks, or sometimes months after the death of a loved one and is usually a much more laid-back affair then a traditional funeral.  Please click HERE for more information about this funeral option. 

Yes, of course we can.  Whatever the religion of your loved one, we are happy to help organize their funeral in accordance with their religious customs.  We are proud to be able draw on our wide network of priests, pandits, ministers, and other members of the clergy to ensure your loved one’s funeral reflect their religion’s traditions and customs.  For more information on cultural funerals, click HERE.