Call us at 905-458-2222, this number is answered 24/7 and a funeral director can guide you through the next steps. Our step-by-step assistance will ensure a smooth planning process.

We normally recommend at least 48 hours from the date of death. This document is required to register the death with Service Ontario and to apply for the cremation certificate.

This is not something that needs to be done right away but we do advise you to complete this form before coming in to make funeral arrangements. All this information is required on the statement of death, which is a part of the death registration process.

We will schedule your family in for an appointment to go over all the details. This consultation with a funeral director is called an arrangement. By the end of this meeting you will have everything planned out – When the funeral will be, What type of funeral you would like, flower selection, etc.

No, once you and your family have spent your time with your loved one, it is best for you to go home and get some rest. The hospital will not allow the funeral home staff to come right away as the death certificate needs to be signed. We, at the funeral home, will stay in touch with the hospital to coordinate the transfer of your loved one. 

Typically, a Coroner can take one to two hours to arrive at the house. This can be longer at night but the police should keep you updated. The funeral home can be contacted to get more information.

Typically, the Coroner’s office will finish the autopsy within two to three days. The funeral home will stay in contact with the Coroner’s office and do the transfer as soon as possible. The investigating Coroner will also keep the family updated. A funeral can be safely scheduled 4 to 5 days after the date of death.

The Medical Certificate of Death issued by the Doctor or Coroner is required to register the death. This document cannot be copied, however, the funeral home can issue a Proof of Death Certificate once arrangements have been made.

The family can stay at the nursing home or hospice to spend time with their loved one. Once our funeral home staff arrives, we will kindly ask you to step out of the room as we prepare to transfer them into our care.