Types of Cremation Services

Many families have started choosing cremation for their loved ones at time death, an option that has become increasingly popular among Canadians over the last several years. When it comes to cremation, there are several options a family can choose to best celebrate their loved one.

Traditional Cremation

This form of cremation is the closest type of service to what many consider a ‘traditional’ funeral. It can take place over one or two days, with a period of visitation beforehand, followed by a traditional funeral service with the deceased present in his or her casket. The service can take place either at the funeral home or at a family’s place of worship, and the casket can be either opened or closed during the visitation, depending on the family’s wishes and traditions. Cremation follows at the end of the service and the cremated remains are given back to the family at a later date. A reception can be held immediately following the funeral service in our private family lounge should a family wish to have extra time for family and friends to pay their respects.

Memorial Service

With this option, the loved one is cremated first and there is a structured funeral service held after the cremation has taken place. Sometimes the funeral service happens within a few days of the passing, and in other cases it can take place several months after a death has occurred. It is up to the family if they wish to have their loved one’s cremated remains present at the memorial service or not. The family may wish to have a period of visitation prior to the start of the funeral service and service itself usually takes place either in our funeral home or the family’s place of worship. Should a family wish, a reception can be held in our private family lounge at the conclusion of the service.  

Celebration Of Life

Similar to a memorial service, but considered more laid back, this option also has the cremation taking place first and a gathering of family and friends taking place after the cremation has occurred. Unlike a memorial service, a celebration of life is not a structured service, but more of an open house concept, with family and friends invited to visit at any point within a set amount of time. The tone of a celebration of life is much less somber than a more traditional funeral or memorial service, with the focus being on the life of the deceased, usually with much laughter and storytelling involved. Celebrations of life often have food and beverages of some sort available to their guests, which can be available.

Simple Cremation

This is the most basic form of cremation offered by the funeral home. With this option, there is no visitation or service. The funeral home is responsible only for the most basic elements of the cremation process. Any gathering or service for the deceased is organized by the family and takes place outside of the funeral home. However, should a family wish to have some private time with their loved one prior to cremation taking place, this can be arranged and take place at the funeral home for an additional cost.

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