Buddhist Funerals

What does Buddhism say about end of life?

Buddhists believe that when they pass away, their souls are reincarnated based on the actions of their previous lives in a cycle called Samsara. Once someone has broken away from all notions and desires associated with Samsara, they will achieve enlightenment, or the state of Nirvana, and are no longer reincarnated. 

How to Arrange a Buddhist Funeral Service?

Time & date of the service

Buddhist funerals typically take place at the funeral home. The body or cremated remains can be present, along with an offering table, candles and incense. The service can either be private or open to the larger community and are usually modest and simple. Sutras are chanted by either monks, family members or playing in the background on a recording. Cremation is the most common form of disposition for Buddhists which we can accommodate with our on-site crematorium. Families will often use our reception lounges to offer their guests refreshments after the cremation, as a time to remember their loved one. Reception facilities are available in our private lounges (Accommodate 20-350 people). Ask us about the local restaurants that we work with to provide your family with their preference in a caterer.

Buddhist Services

There can be a visitation, during which mourners may pay their respects to the deceased person and express condolences to the family. Often families will provide a portrait of the deceased person which stands in front of the casket. This serves as the centerpiece of the altar that’s set up by the family for the wake. The altar also has candles and other offerings such as flowers and fruit. There will be incense burning, too. If the wake is taking place in the funeral home, flowers may be displayed modestly. Buddhist tradition also dictates that an image of Buddha should be placed near the altar.

Speak with us

Please call our funeral directors. They are available 24/7 to assist.