Get in touch

We are experienced in international shipping and will help guide you through the complex process and assist with all of your needs. 

Gather Documents

Each country has its own documents that are required to ship and receive a deceased person. Our staff will be able to inform you which documents will be needed in order to facilitate the repatriation of your loved one, and often we are able to obtain these documents for you as well. These documents can include certified copies of the death certificate, burial permits, coroner’s out of province certificate, etc.

Speak with a local Funeral Home

Speak with a funeral home in the country where we are sending your loved one. A funeral home representative will need to be on hand to meet your loved one’s arrival and their remains into their care. 

Book your travel

Once we have booked the flights for your loved one, you will need to arrange your travel as well. It is not always possible to be on the same flights as your loved one, so speak to our staff to help coordinate travel arrangements. 

Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan

The form of travel insurance is a one-time payment of $495 and protects the purchaser and their family from having to deal with the struggles of repatriation should the purchaser pass away more than 100km away from their place of residence. It will take care of all the above preparation for the family, so that they don’t need to be concerned about the logistics of bringing you home. Please speak to our staff for more information.