Pre-planning your funeral in advance has two major benefits. Firstly, it saves money, as planning ahead protects against inflation. Secondly, it ensures your family is not left with the burden of making difficult decisions without knowing your wishes. By planning ahead, you are ensuring you get the funeral you want and that your family is protected.

In many cases, the Last Will & Testament of a person is not read in full until after their funeral, by which point decisions may have been carried out contrary to what you had intended. The best way to ensure you get the funeral you want is to pre-arrange it directly with a funeral home.

We suggest making an appointment with our Pre-planning Director to sit down and discuss your wishes. There is never an obligation to purchase pre-arrangements, but our Pre-planning Director is happy to help educate you on your funeral options and help you make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

Life insurance is wonderful to have in order to protect your family against financial issues when you pass away. However, life insurance does not protect against the rising costs of funerals. Depending on the value of your insurance policy, the cost of the funeral may end up taking a large portion of insurance payout, leaving your family in a vulnerable financial position. Pre-paying for your funeral locks in the costs in todays dollars, and therefore protects your insurance policy for your family to use for other important needs.

Yes, there are several payment plans available, in some cases as long as 15 years. It is our job to work with you to find the payment plan that best suits your financial needs.

You do not have to pay in advance. Sometimes when someone is sick and the death is imminent we suggest families plan and record wishes but not necessarily pay in advance. They can get all of the information including how much the cost of the service will be. If someone is planning ahead as a proactive measure then we would suggest paying as it would lock in the cost of the funeral.

When you pre-pay your funeral arrangements, your money is always kept extremely safe. By law in Ontario, your money must be kept by the third-party financial institution, such as a trust or insurance company, until the death occurs. Only then does a funeral home have access to the funds to pay for the funeral. These investments are also protected by Assuris, and our pre-arrangements are regularly audited by our regulatory body, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, to ensure all monies are accounted for.

We are an independent, family run funeral home that truly believes that we are here to serve our community. You can rest assured that we will look after you and your loved ones with the utmost care and professionalism to make a difficult time a little bit easier.

Pre-arrangements in Canada are built to be flexible and can follow you should you move to another town, or even to another province.

Absolutely. BCVC offers our families a comprehensive aftercare service which can look after the cancellation of Canadian government identification such as health card, drivers license, etc., notify various government agencies, cancel most credit cards, as well as help families apply for the CPP Death Benefit and Survivor’s Pension.

We offer our families a form of travel insurance called the Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan. For a one-time fee of $495, this insurance will ensure that should you pass away more then 100km from your place of residence, your body will be brought home at no additional cost. It will also ensure that should you be traveling with a companion or pets, they will be brought home as well at no extra charge.

With a Guaranteed Travel Insurance Plan you have a designated 24/7 number to call if an emergency occurs. They have partner funeral homes throughout the world that can begin the planning process of getting your loved one back to Canada right away. The family will not need to pay anything as the $495 one time fee will cover all the expenses related to repatriation. Whereas with travel insurance, the family often has to find a funeral provider, pay upfront, and deal with the logistics of getting their loved one back.
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