What is a Eulogy?

A eulogy is a written speech that is often said at the funeral or memorial. This is a tribute for the surviving loved one’s and an appreciation for the legacy left behind. It can be a collaboration of stories that define the character, values, and personality of the deceased. 

How to write a eulogy

  1. Begin with a draft
    Organize your thoughts and plan out how you want them to be remembered
  2. Stories and examples
    Nothing helps describe someone’s legacy than stories and examples of deeds doen. You can always ask your family and friends for their memorable stories of them.
  3. Humor is good but don’t make it about yourself
    Adding the right funny moment can help in an emotional situation but remember the eulogy should focus on the deceased and not become about you.
  4. Edit it and read it to someone
    Remember that you are grieving too and taking some time to reflect so you can edit on a refreshed mind. Reading it out loud to someone close can be helpful too.

How to Effectively Deliver a Eulogy

Unfortunately delivering the eulogy is going to be tough, this is someone you care about and you have been entrusted to share their life.

Some tips
1. Don’t overthink it before you begin
2. Slow down your pace
3. Take time to breathe and pause when you need to
4. Have water nearby

What is an Obituary?

An obituary is an announcement of the death that includes factual information along with the life experiences of the deceased.

How to Write an Obituary:

  • Name
  • Age and Birthday
  • Where they were born and if they migrated to a new country
  • Names and relations of immediate family members
  • When and where they died (If appropriate to share)
  • Funeral and livestream details
  • Details about the funeral service: date, time, place
  • Major accomplishments

How to Share the Obituary

On our website:
Our website will be the source of information for funeral details. Adding the obituary here makes sense. Simply email it to us and we will get it uploaded on page dedicated for them.

On social media
Close family members and friends can share it on their facebook, twitter or other social media accounts. This allows mutual friends to find out about the death and then they can pay their condolences as well.

On the local newspaper
Speak to our funeral directors to get it posted in one of the local newspapers like the Brampton Guardian or Toronto Star. All we need is the obituary and then we can deal with the rest.

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