Buying Flowers for a Funeral

One of the common questions asked to florists is what flowers they should buy for a funeral. This question is often asked because the flowers that may be appropriate are not always apparent to those unfamiliar with flowers and funerals.

The flowers you should purchase depend on the type of funeral service, what religion is being practiced, and who will be attending. For example, if someone has an interfaith funeral, you may want to purchase flowers not associated with a specific faith.
There’s no one perfect flower you can purchase, but here are some general guidelines that we, as funeral & cremations specialists can tell you about their meaning and would help you in recommending. Often flowers that are traditionally used for funerals include:
The color of roses can signify different sentiments depending on the shade. For example, red roses symbolize love, respect, and courage, whereas pink roses signify love, grace, and appreciation. Friends often send yellow or cream-colored flowers to bond their relationship.
These flowers are often used to symbolize the fragility of life and purity. This is due to its association with peace and innocence, especially in Christian beliefs that label it as a symbol for Virgin Mary’s tomb. They also are associated with rebirth and motherhood (dating to the Greek myths of Hera and Zeus) and good luck.
Representing a person’s love, innocence, and remembrance, carnations (red for affection, white for innocence, or pink for remembrance) are often included in wreaths or standing sprays.
If you want to send flowers that represent a lifetime of love, orchids are a perfect choice. Most florists will recommend that customers send orchid plants because they’re more likely to live and maintain their beauty much longer than other flowers.
Chrysanthemums (“Mums”)
In various countries throughout Europe, mums are typically used for funerals or to decorate graves. Asian cultures believe they signify grief, while many Americans consider them a tribute to the dead with an uplifting meaning of truth. Mums can be regarded as cheerful and uplifting all around; however, globally they have different meanings that range from deep sadness to cheer.
Daffodils and Tulips
Daffodils and tulips are a popular choices for funeral flowers. They represent renewal, which is comforting to mourners. These types of flowers are sent to cheer up people who are grieving. Yellow tulips symbolize cheerfulness, while white tulips symbolize forgiveness.
A common misunderstanding about hydrangeas is that they have a connection to funerals or are representative of grief. In reality, the plants are used mainly as a symbol of gratitude and understanding. Taken home and cared for, this flower will bloom for many years to come.
Most of the time, families won’t have a preference for which kind of flowers you buy. As long as it is thoughtful and shows them that you care, it doesn’t matter what type of flowers you get. But if the family has some specific wishes about funeral flowers to include, pay close attention to their wishes when creating yours.
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