Cremation Process in Ontario & How Does it Work?

More and more Canadians choose cremation over burial when they pass on, and families are keen to honour those wishes. Yet, many faced with this prospect don’t know much about the cremation process in Ontario. There is much to get your head around, from the physical cremation to the preparation, service, and collection of the ashes. So, how does cremation work, and what should families expect? Let us guide you through some of the most important points.

Why Choose A Cremation?

Cremations are a popular choice for those who don’t see the need for a traditional burial. Some people may be superstitious about the idea of their bodies being buried in the ground and prefer the idea of turning to ash and being scattered. Families can also gain a greater sense of closure from this, rather than the permanent gravesite in a cemetery.

There is also the fact that burial plots are harder to find and afford these days. Cremations can be a cost-effective option with great flexibility in handling the event. So, with this in mind, let’s look at what goes into the cremation process and its preparation.

What is Required to Arrange for Cremation?

Once families make the choice to arrange a cremation rather than a burial, they need to inform all the right people. The next of kin will authorize the decision and sign all necessary documents for service with the crematorium. This also means dealing with the service charges. They can then work with the funeral director to go over the plans and inform possible guests.

Preparing the Body for Cremation

The first consideration for preparing the body is the clothing. Some families may not feel like this makes much difference, but others dress the deceased in the best suit or dress. There is also the option of using a military dress or other significant uniforms for those who served in the military or emergency services.

In addition to this, it is also possible for a family member to add personal items to burn alongside the body. This can make a cremation even more significant and provide a deeper connection between the living and the dead. Some like to write a letter to their loved ones as a therapeutic exercise and let the words burn along with them. Others add family photographs so the body isn’t completely alone.

Then there is the choice of coffin. There are different opinions on what is best for a cremation. Many families like to cut costs here because this isn’t a long-term investment for a burial. However, a good pine coffin does burn well. There is a trend for eco-friendly materials like willow and cardboard, but they can require more fuel to burn.

The Cremation Service

Once the body is ready for cremation and the family is ready to say goodbye, it is time for the cremation service. These often follow a similar structure and style to any other funeral before burial. Attendees can give readings and talk about their loved ones. There is the option for religious rites where appropriate. Some people also choose to use this time for a celebration of life rather than a more solemn funeral. It all comes down to personal needs and preferences.

Of course, there is no requirement for a dedicated service at all. If they wish, families can decide to have the cremation in private directly after the deceased’s passing. The crematorium staff will handle everything and inform the family when it is time to collect the ashes. This may be preferable for those with no religious leaning or estranged families handling formalities.

Choosing To Be Present For The Start Of The Process

Following the ceremony, families can choose whether to witness the coffin entering the chamber or not. Some people like to do this because it helps them deal with the process and creates a greater sense of closure. Others prefer not and will leave before the body is taken away.

How Does Cremation Work?

After the service and final goodbyes, nothing is left but to allow the body to enter the cremation chamber. This small chamber is the right size for a coffin and the appropriate fuel. Once it reaches between 870-980??, staff will place the coffin inside, where it will begin to burn. Over time, all organic matter in the chamber will turn to ash, which could take between an hour and 2.5 hours to complete. Family members don’t need to worry about this time frame. They will receive the ashes once processed a couple of days later.

This is where it is important to decide what you will keep the cremated remains in. Many families purchase a cremation urn that can be displayed at home. Others are happy with more simplistic boxes if they intend to scatter the ashes later. Either way, this is part of our comprehensive service and were are here to help.

Talk To Our Cremation Team To Learn More About The Cremation Process In Ontario

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