Cremation: Your Guide To Making Cremation Arrangements

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. The sense of loss lingers on for years. Still, it is part of life and certain arrangements need to take place to make sure the family and friends can pay their last respects.

While this is a very difficult time, you still have to consider critical factors. Some of these factors to consider include how much it will cost, where the cremation will take place, and all other information. Cremation is not the same process as having a burial, and there are certain factors to work with to have everything fall into place.

Do you know someone or a company authorized to assist with the preparation?

Only certain designated people are authorized to perform the cremation. The requested authorization is also complete on documentation and kept by the next of kin. Authorized individuals include the following:

  • A legal representation previously appointed by the deceased – Legal representation is important for executing the final will and testament of the deceased.
  • The surviving spouse of the deceased – The spouse that remains has authority over certain aspects.
  • The sole survivor of the deceased children, or all the children who remain – The children of the deceased become authorized individuals as well.
  • Parents of the deceased are also people authorized.
  • Siblings – If the deceased has brothers and sisters, whether by blood or half-siblings, they too may be authorized.
  • Grandchildren of the deceased
  • An appointed guardian if the deceased had one prior to passing.
  • The estate representative, or the funeral home – The appointed estate representative, or funeral home with custody of the body is also authorized.

Find a suitable cremation facility

Funeral homes often cater for burial services as well as cremation. You need to find a facility that can help you with this either before or during the time. Third-party cremation services may leave room for error, especially if the funeral home you’re using doesn’t facilitate cremations.

While searching for a funeral home with cremation service, you should prepare questions for the company. You can ask all the questions you need to know to help put your mind at ease and ensure that your deceased loved one is looked after throughout the process.

Memorial planning

A memorial service will help bring the family together and create closure for the healing process to begin. Memorials are often tailored to the bereaved family members. The service usually has a program that includes the eulogy and other items like special songs, music, and a photo slideshow, to name a few.

The final resting place

Many people choose to keep their deceased loved one’s ashes so they can have them close at all times. Sometimes it’s in the will of the deceased to scatter their ashes at a special place. Think about all these factors and decide on the final resting place.

Plan your budget

Funerals are expensive, some more than others. With the funds made available to complete the funeral, all aspects must be considered. For example, what will the undertaker and funeral home in charge for the arrangements?

You may also need to pay for the venue where the memorial is taking place and the actual cremation service. Check which options are valid for your area.