How to Choose the Right Urn for a Cremation?

A big dilemma for many families following bereavement is what to do with the cremated remains. Whatever your plans, you need an urn to contain the cremated remains either permanently or before scattering cremated remains. This leads to a vital question: How do you choose a suitable urn? Here are some essential tips to help you out.

5 Important Considerations When Choosing The Right Cremation Urn

1) How big should the urn be?

This one is a practical consideration families don’t always think about. Remember that this vessel needs to be big enough to hold all the cremated remains created during cremation. There is a generalized conversion scale where 1 pound of body weight equals one cubic inch of space in the urn. Therefore, more prominent individuals will need more giant urns. You must also consider the size of any decorative urn you intend to display. Will it be too big and dominate a space?

2) Do you need a permanent decorative urn or something temporary?

This notion of putting urns on display brings up another critical point. Do you intend to have your loved one’s cremated remains contained and on display forever, or is this a temporary container before scattering cremated remains? Those who plan to scatter cremated remains don’t need to worry too much about the decorative features of the urn. It needs to be secure, robust, and the correct size.

3) What material should you pick when choosing a permanent urn?

Urns for permanent use come in a range of different materials. Highly decorative ceramic options have immediate visual appeal and can look beautiful on a mantelpiece but are at risk of breakage. Stone and metal urns are much more durable and great for a more minimalist look. Another popular choice is a wooden box because of the tactile and sustainable material. It is also easy to add an inscription with a personalized message.

4) Do you need a biodegradable urn instead?

Those who don’t want the cremated remains on display forever can use brilliant, environmentally-friendly solutions. Biodegradable urns are perfect for burying cremated remains in a particular place rather than scattering them. You can pick a meaningful site underneath a tree or garden, and the box will break down over time.

An alternative option is a water-soluble urn that dissolves. This can make water ceremonies more convenient. You could take the urn out on a boat or to a beloved lake, release it into the water, and let nature do the rest.

5) Is the urn easy to open and secure?

This final consideration is essential for those looking to share cremated remains or conduct ceremonies at a later date. Families can take the cremated remains home in a strong cremation urn and divide them between relatives, who may have their keepsake boxes. A secure lid or clasp makes it much easier to conduct ash scattering ceremonies and leave some in the permanent container.

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