Knowing Your Options For Choosing Cremation

Cremation is one of the options when saying your last goodbyes to a loved one. Knowing which options are best and most suited for you and your loved one is very important when it comes to burial and cremation. You don’t just have to go with an either or choice.Factors to consider whether you’re opting for burial or cremation include the following:

  • Personal choice – What choice do you or your loved one prefer?
  • Traditions or religions associated – Some traditions or beliefs may require only burial and others only cremation.
  • Permanent options and creativity – Burials offer many opportunities to expand creativity, like tombstones and family plots. The same applies to some cremation garden options.
  • Costs involved – Burial and cremation have different costs, and choosing one that suits your budget helps.
  • Cremation options

Choosing the Right Urn
You could decide on contemporary urns or traditional urns. These urns are were the ashes of the deceased will be housed. In cremation, some people may choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones. This could also be the choice of the loved one in their final wishes.

Cremation Gardens
Cremation gardens accommodate those who have been cremated. It’s an area in the cemetery made for these.

Scatter Gardens
In the scatter gardens, families can scatter their loved ones’ remains in a designated place. These gardens are peaceful and beautiful.

Cremation Markers
There are also various beautiful designs and custom features in cremation markers to mark the final place of rest.

Burial options
Burial Caskets and Coffins
Burials require selecting between caskets and coffins. These, just like urns, can be contemporary or traditional and can have additional embellishments and extras as chosen or requested by the family or wishes of the deceased.

Burial Plots
When choosing burial plots, families can choose a designated plot of land on which family members will be buried.

Granite Markers
In burial gardens, families can set up granite markers (tombstones, headstones etc). These are often beautifully engraved, and various features may include a statuette of an angel, a custom design headstone and much more.

Outdoor Family Crypt
Some families will also choose to have a private crypt where every family member is laid to rest. Family crypts are common amongst the wealthy and esteemed family names in the world.

Mausoleum and Entombment
Like the crypt, mausoleums are elaborate, and the deceased are often entombed and placed in this designated space. These can also be owned by families and are usually indoors. Both the mausoleum and family crypts have bronze plaques and other materials to mark the family members and names who lie there.

Conclusion Cremation and Knowing Your Options
Once you have assessed all the pointers and know what your loved one wanted, you can start preparations. Going through a time of loss is never easy, and finding help from funeral service companies that can provide what you need during this time will help lighten the load for you.