Making a Will: 4 Easy Options to Consider

Considering making a will is one thing, and walking the talk is quite another. Many people keep postponing it as though the process were a complicated ordeal. 

It shouldn’t be so. 

This article takes you through the various options you could choose from. Once you are familiar with the available options, you can easily decide which one to take. This would make the process a little less intimidating for you.  

Let’s dive right in:

1. Holographic Wills:

These are simple handwritten wills you could write, date, and sign on your own. You do not need a witness or a lawyer. Holographic Wills can serve you well, but you could easily omit the essential components that make a complete will. Furthermore, those who consider this kind of will can easily contradict themselves along the way. If you come from British Columbia, you should desist from making these wills as they are not recognized in this country. Consider making Holographic Wills a last resort when you ultimately do not have another option.

2. DIY Will Kits:

The second option for making a will is using the DIY Will Kits. They are customized pieces with blank spaces for you to fill. Whereas DIY Will Kits typically follow the conventional format of writing wills, they are a one-size-fits-all document. This leaves no room for you to tailor-make your choice or adjust some sections when you encounter a life change. With this restriction, you will need to purchase a new document whenever you change some aspects of your life, such as when you get married/ divorced, have a child, move to a new place, or when want to add or remove a beneficiary. These DIY Will Kits cost around $50, and sometimes you can even get them at no charge.

3. Online Will Platforms (like Willful)

While the DIY Will Kits do not offer flexibility, online platforms allow you to customize your will to meet your needs. One such platform is the Willful. Such platforms are ideal for will-makers who do not require legal support. You will like these online platforms because they save your details, allowing you to update them should a need arise. With that, you won’t have to start all over again should you encounter a life-changing event. 

4. Lawyer-Drafted Wills:

Then we have Lawyer-Drafted Wills, an option ideal for complex succession wills. These are drafted with the support of a lawyer who will guide you through the whole process and provide legal advice along the way. It is handy when dealing with complex estates, multinational businesses, or family issues such as divorce. A lawyer might charge approximately $800 for the service, depending on the complexity. 


It’s always a wise idea to have a will for your investments to land in good hands when you die. At Brampton Funeral Home, we are here to help you prepare the will and other funeral services should you lose your loved one. We are here to hold your hand as your mourn your loved one, and we promise to walk you through the entire process of giving them a decent and deserving send-off.