8 Steps to Personalize a Cremation or Traditional Funeral

When planning your cremation or a traditional funeral, it is becoming more common to personalize and customize it to reflect your wishes. Your service will be an opportunity for your family and friends to say their goodbyes. 

Today, you have many options that do not have to be bound to conventional methods or even religious traditions. The extent of your options will vary depending on whether you are considering cremation or a traditional funeral service in Brampton
Step #1: Take your time.
It is easy to get caught up in wanting to make decisions quickly because many people are not comfortable when it comes to talking about their own deaths. There are many details to consider and things to plan. You do not have to rush through these decisions and can take a little time to go through each one to ensure it is what you want.
Step #2: Take to your family.
If you are not sure about certain decisions, talk to your family. Make sure only to bring up the decisions you are still deciding since sharing every detail could make them feel uncomfortable. They might have suggestions or ideas to help you decide what you want. 
Step #3: Talk to your clergy or officiant.
You may want to let your clergy or officiant know what type of service you desire. You could choose a celebration of life service rather than a conventional funeral service Brampton or memorial service. 
Step #4: Consider the location.
You need to decide where you want people to say their goodbyes. You could hold it at a crematorium and funeral home. Another option might be to have it graveside if you are going to be interned. Some people decide to have a service at their church, as well. 
Step #5: Outline what you want.
It can be difficult for family members to remember what you wanted fully. Take the time to make an outline that walks them through the crematorium or funeral home to contact, arranging your service, the officiant, any speakers you desire, and so on. 
Step #6: Speak to a funeral director.
To ensure your final wishes are carried out correctly, you will want to get assistance from a funeral director. They can keep a record of what you want, like the type of urn or casket, whether you want direct cremation and a celebration of life service or a viewing and funeral service, etc. 
Step #7: Do not forget about a reception after your service. 
Most people want their friends and family to enjoy a reception after their service to gather, visit, and share fond memories of their dearly departed. The reception gives you plenty of personalization and customization opportunities.
Step #8: Prepay for your service.
Prepaying is highly recommended to take the financial burden of your loved ones and ensure you get the service you desire. Most crematoriums and funeral homes offer prepayment options and prepayment plans.
For further information and assistance in personalizing your cremation or funeral service, please feel free to contact Brampton Crematorium & Visitation Centre at 905-458-2222 today!