Sympathy Gifts: How to Support a Grieving Friend

We’ve all had that moment when we don’t know how to support a grieving friend. And few things are as disheartening as not knowing what to do to help those we love in these moments.

Healing can be a long process, and supporting our friends begins with being available and present in their lives. But sometimes, gestures go a long way; a gift can mean the world at the right time. 

So today, we’ll look at gift ideas for grieving friends. Small but significant gestures can help someone in a trying time and support their healing process.

What makes a good sympathy gift?

The first question we must answer is what to send to a grieving friend. After all, not everybody is used to sending or receiving gifts in the middle of grief.

First, you must ensure you are gifting from the heart. With sympathy gifts, intentions matter even more so than with other dates, and the best possible gift considers your friend’s personality and lets them know they are in your thoughts.

Sympathy gifts are usually more meaningful than expensive. The most important thing with them is that your friend understands the message and intention, which can come from a book, movie tickets, or even origami. What matters is that you pick something meaningful and show your support.

Thoughtful gift ideas

Now that we have covered the feelings behind a good sympathy gift, it’s time to take a closer look at some specific gift ideas for condolences. So if you don’t know where to start, take a look at the following recommendations and try to think which one fits your friend’s personality the best.

  • Flowers: Flowers might feel like a tried and true idea, but they are a great option. A pleasing bouquet will always brighten a room, and you can make it very meaningful, too. All flowers have a meaning, so you can make a bouquet that expresses everything you feel but can’t convey and accompany it with a card that explains everything.
  • Necklaces: One of the most common ways to remember someone is with a locket or other meaningful accessories. So if you know that your friend wants to honour the memory of their departed ones, a thoughtful locket or necklace can show them you are supporting them in these times and that you will remember the departed alongside them.
  • Soothing products: Grief comes with a lot of stress and anxiety, and providing relief can go a long way to helping your friend. Weighed blankets have been proven to offer relief and comfort to stressed people, and perfumes and bathing salts are also known for their therapeutic properties.

In Summary

Everybody faces grief on their own terms, but that doesn’t mean they have to do it alone. If you have a friend who is currently struggling, a meaningful and considerate gift can go a long way to help them.

What makes a good condolence gift is its meaning, so make sure you pick something that has a clear intention your friend can grasp, like a locket for remembrance, a spa kit for soothing, or a bouquet with a deep message in the language of flowers.

Of course, these are only a few ideas, so if you want to read more about meaningful gestures or how to aid someone in this trying process, head to our Blog for more guides, tutorials, and useful articles.