Top 6 Benefits of Funeral Planning Before Your Death

Death can be a difficult subject to talk about with friends and family. If you don’t have a funeral plan in place, you are putting your trust into your loved ones to try to figure out what it is you wanted for your funeral. While you may have told your spouse what you wanted, it does not mean it will always happen. 

Your spouse will be grieving your loss and passing. He or she may not be able to make these types of decisions at this time. Quite frequently, a grieving spouse will pass off the funeral planning to the children or a close family friend. By doing so, your final wishes can get lost in translation. 

Top Benefit #1: You take the burden of planning a funeral off your loved ones.
Your loved ones don’t have to try to figure out what you wanted for your funeral. Instead, they can grieve your loss and celebrate your life. There are no important decisions for them to make since you already made them before your departure from life.

Top Benefit #2: You can avoid family disputes and misunderstandings.
It is not uncommon for your family members to think you want different things when you die. Some might think you want a big elaborate funeral and others may believe you want a more intimate funeral with just your closest friends and immediate family. By planning ahead, you eliminate any potential misunderstandings.

Top Benefit #3: You take the financial burden off your family.
No one knows how long they will live. By prepaying your funeral expenses, not only could you save money if prices increase in the future, but also help eliminate this financial burden should you depart unexpectedly. 

Top Benefit #4: You get to have the funeral you want. 
You can depart knowing that your life will be celebrated exactly how you want your family and friends to remember you. Whether you want a religious service or a celebration where everyone laughs and remembers all the joy you brought to their lives, you will have the funeral you desired.

Top Benefit #5: Your remains are handled and placed that fits your preferences.
Maybe you want to be cremated and have your ashes spread at a specific location. You might want to be buried in a cemetery in a family mausoleum. You could have chosen plots for you and your spouse. By preplanning, you get to decide what happens to you after you die.

Top Benefit #6: You will have peace of mind.
After you finalize preplanning your funeral and taking care of all the arrangements you want, you will discover you feel at ease. You know that should you depart unexpectedly, your loved ones will receive one of the best gifts possible when losing a loved one. 

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