What Kinds of Flowers Are Best for Showing Sympathy

Before you offer a grieving friend or family flowers, it may be best to know the flower’s significance. Sending the ideal message, whether it be one of hope or peace, can be made easier by considering a flower’s symbolic meaning. So, what kind of flowers for condolences? Below are some of the most common types of flowers for showing sympathy.


Because these flowers have various connotations around the world, you should take into account their location, culture, and ethnicity.

Funeral arrangements in Asian countries, such as China and Japan, frequently use white mums as a symbol of mourning. Chrysanthemums are almost primarily used at funerals and memorial events in European nations, including Austria, France, and Belgium.

White chrysanthemums are a nice choice to offer to a grieving person, while brilliant yellow or orange mums are generally saved for happy occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.


To offer sympathy to those who have lost a loved one, lilies are an excellent choice. Since lilies have long been used as a sign of peace and hope, they are ideal for sending comfort to those who are grieving.

Because of their tranquil demeanour, white lilies are a particularly popular flower choice for funerals.


Gladioli are a flower with towering flower spikes that stand for courage and character. You can communicate two things at once by expressing your condolences with the gift of these flowers.

First, these flowers help mourners remember the deceased’s character. Second, they assist those who are grieving in finding their own inner strength.


A rose’s symbolism varies by color. Therefore consider these symbols before selecting one.

White roses are popular condolence flowers because they signify a new beginning and farewell. They signify remembrance, so they’re excellent for telling mourning their loved one won’t be forgotten.

The brilliance of yellow roses is a symbol of friendliness and kindness. They indicate to a friend or family you’re always there, even in challenging times.

Another suitable alternative is peach roses, which stand for sincerity. They will convey to the grieving person your sincere support throughout their trying moment.


Carnations are available in a wide range of colors, just like roses. And these colors denote something different. When choosing a sympathy carnation bouquet, think about the significance of the colors.

Red carnations are symbols of love and devotion that convey your commitment to being there for the mourning.

Pink carnations represent remembering a departed loved one.


Orchids stand for everlasting love with their long, graceful stalks and persistent blossoms. When you offer a mourner an orchid, you are reminding them that the person who has passed away will always have a place in their heart.

Orchids come in many different colors, but classic options like white and pink are safe bets.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Now that you are more knowledgeable about selecting the right funeral and sympathy flowers, you’ll be able to make better choices. If you are still lost because of some undiscussed factors, then don’t be hesitant to get in touch with a specialist. For more information about flower delivery, please contact COMPANY at URL.