What to Do When Your Loved One Didn’t Tell You What They Wanted

Sometimes our loved ones will die unexpectedly. They might have been in a serious car accident. They could have been in a work-related accident. When a death occurs unexpectedly, surviving family members may have no idea what their loved one wanted for their final wishes. 

The added stress of trying to figure out what they wanted while grieving can be challenging. To help alleviate that stress, gather the immediate family and any close family friends. Sit everyone down and have a general discussion.
Start off by asking everyone if the deceased mentioned anything about whether they wanted to be cremated or buried. You may get lucky and your loved one shared something about what they wanted with someone. There also may be religious constraints that require either cremation service Brampton or burial too.
It also helps to have a copy of their will available during this meeting. Even though your loved one may not have verbally expressed their wishes, they may have left them in their will. Again, you might get the answers you seek. 
Sometimes a will does not include any final wishes. However, your loved one may have pre-purchased a burial plot or had set aside funds to pay for a funeral. Based on this information, you use it to plan their funeral. 
Typically, if they bought a burial plot or set aside a huge amount of money, then they probably wanted a traditional funeral with a graveside burial service. On the other hand, if they only set aside a small amount of money, they probably wanted to be cremated and have a memorial service. 
If you did not find out what they wanted, then you will need to decide. You could go about getting input from other family members and close family friends. You could also think about what your final wishes would be and use those to plan your loved one’s funeral. 
It is worthwhile to consult with a funeral director for advice and planning. They can provide you information about different types of funeral services Brampton that can be further customized to fit your specific needs. 
There are also several alternatives to traditional funerals. You could scatter the ashes of your loved one after cremation in a location you both enjoyed. You could plant a memorial tree. You could plan a celebration of life service with dinner. 
The best way to decide what your loved one wanted is to think about the things they enjoyed doing in life. Did they like sports? Maybe they liked curling up by the fire to read a book. By using this information, it can make planning their service a little easier and include things they liked. 
As you can see, it can be hard to plan a funeral when your loved one passed away and you do not know what they wanted. Yet, by consulting with the immediate family and a funeral director, you can plan an appropriate service. 
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