How to Offer Condolences

One of the reasons some feel awkward during a wake or burial is that they don’t know what to say or do when expressing condolences. While death is an unpleasant subject, ignoring this when it happens inside the household of a friend or coworker is the worst thing that one can do. And that’s why it’s crucial to offer condolences to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Here’s how to give condolences and the right way to sympathize with someone’s grief.

How to Offer Condolences

Whether paying a visit, making a phone call, or sending a card, what matters is the words that we use while expressing ourselves. It is considerate to express how much one will miss the departed, how precious they were, how they made this world a better place, or how inspiring they were to the family.

Keep it Personalized

Make sure to use your own words and write a personalized note, Here are a few examples :

  • “I/We are considering you.” I/I wish we had the words to console you.”
  • “Your loss has stunned and grieved me/us. We genuinely care about and adore you.”
  • He/she was a wonderful person.”
  • “I’m sure what you’re going through is quite difficult.”
  • “It’s a pity he/she died.” I’ll never forget him or her.”
  • “He/she lived a complete life and served as an example to me and others.”

Express Soon

Expressing condolences as soon as possible is important. There’s no need to wait until the funeral. Given how simple it is to text, comment, tweet, message, mail, or call someone, you should do it immediately after you get the news. Use private communication, such as an SMS or a social network messaging tool to send a more personalized condolence message.

Use the Deceased’s Name

While it’s normal to try and avoid mentioning the deceased, doing so and saying their nickname is a manner of supporting the bereaved individual throughout their time of grief. This person has recently experienced a severe loss. A significant portion of their lives has now passed them by. Wouldn’t it be strange if no one mentioned it?

Recognize and Respect One’s Grief and Loss

It’s critical to validate and acknowledge the range of emotions they’re experiencing. One approach to do this is to mention the deceased individual and let them know how their passing has affected them. There are a variety of ways to express solidarity in words that are both helpful and soothing. Consider the following: No one can measure how hurt you are feeling right now, but remember that you are not alone.

Keep it Brief and Simple.

You do not need to write a complete letter. Make it succinct and to the point. Keep in mind that minimalism is always a good thing. Buy a card, and make any necessary changes, put your note on the card and sign it.

In many communities, friends and family may also bring in food to the deceased’s home because there will likely be a large number of relatives who will have to be fed, as well as the family may not have the time or energy to prepare meals. Often, the family’s church will schedule food delivery, or one can phone ahead to find out what is required when and, so the household is not overburdened.


When wondering how to express condolences, you can always go the extra mile by saying more, including quotations and verses, and giving a flower or gift. However, all you need to do is care for the grieving and to make sure your concern gets rightly delivered. Simply be yourself and don’t be inhibited from expressing your true emotions.

If you seek any assistance in cremation arrangements for a loved one, please feel free to speak to the team at Brampton Crematorium and Visitation Center at (905) 458-2222. Our team is here to make sure we assist the grieving family throughout the process and make arrangements that suit their needs.